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Video Sunday School Lesson Previews

Do you want to be a better Sunday School teacher?

Do you want to deepen your own Bible knowledge?

Do you want to know how to help your class members apply the scriptures to their life ?

Of course you do!


Now, I’m sure you have had the privilege of sitting under some fantastic teachers in your Christian experience.  I have too – at when I was at Seminary and in churches alike.  But in 1986, when as a young minister, I was tapped to teach a “young married’s class”, I found that it was a LOT harder than I thought it would be.  Sure, I had substituted  for others previously, but now I was faced with the task you know all too well – how to prepare on an on-going basis.

Luckily, before long, I found these two fantastic teachers, and began to emulate them and incorporate parts of their teaching styles into my own. 

In a few years, when God impressed me that it was “time for a change” in the direction of my ministry, I sought them out.  And to make a long story short, my company began publishing their Video Sunday School Lesson Previews.


But, you're probably wondering: "How can these videos help me?" Well first off, these videos are not primarily designed to help individuals deal with issues like, "Who is Jesus?", or "What is Sunday School?", or "What the Bible says about __". But if you are a Sunday School teacher who is trying to figure out how to teach better, or "How can I study the Bible more efficiently?", then these videos are for you.


Here’s what some of our current subscribers have to say about the lesson preparation videos :


Now there’s a teaching tool that gives you this ability : Video Lesson Previews with Dr. Bill Tolar and Dr. Brian Harbour.

Hi,  my name is Steve Guidry, and I’d like to show you how my  videos can help you prepare your bible study methods and become a MUCH better Sunday School teacher this Sunday with just 15 minutes of preparation.

If you’re still reading, then you’re probably asking, “How can I get a copy of these previews to see if they will help ME prepare my lesson each week ?

It’s easy . . . just send an email to me at this address : 

I’ll send you a link to this week’s lesson preview.

You may have these questions...

What do Tolar and Harbour cover in their presentations?

Each week’s video is taken from the scriptures you’re already studying in the materials you’re getting from your current Sunday School publisher.  While their styles do differ, Both Dr. Tolar and Dr. Harbour  take an in-depth look at the Scriptures you’re studying and give you the benefit of their years of Biblical scholarship and insight.  They pull in resources that you may not have access to – commentaries, professional “preacher” journals, and their own life experiences to make your  preparation time meaningful and productive.

But I’m already studying long enough. Why would I want to add another time-waster?

If you’re satisfied with your preparation work-flow, then by all means stick with it.  But if you’re wanting to learn more in less time, consider this :

The Sunday School Lesson Previews are designed to make your study time MORE productive - - Tolar and Harbour do the heavy lifting FOR you, and present you with just the results.  THEY digest the sources, THEY distill the commentaries and present you with just the essence of the Bible truth that you will want to communicate to your class members.

What do I get if I order the Video Sunday School Lesson Previews?

  1.  You get a DVD with thirteen Lesson Preview Videos, one for each week’s lesson for the quarter. 

  2. You get a new DVD four times a year, always a few weeks before the new quarter starts.

  3.  You get a Study-guide outline prepared by Dr. Tolar or Dr. Harbour which follows along with his presentation.  During the presentation, you will be encouraged to take notes and refer to this outline.

  4. You get a unique, nerve-soothing money-back guarantee.  If it doesn’t help you, you can return it and pay nothing.  We’ll even refund your shipping.

How much does it cost?

Since 1989, we’ve sold thousands of subscriptions to the Video Lesson Previews to churches and groups at the “standard” of $39.00 per month.  Do the math . . . that’s $117 per quarter, and $468 per year.  To help churches manage their resources wisely, we also made a yearly subscription available for $329 per year.

But frankly, we think that’s probably too much to get LOTS of churches to try the product NOW.  That’s why we’re making the previews available for the lowest price EVER : 

Just $199 per year, plus a small amount for shipping.

But what if I just want to look before I buy it?

Don’t send any money now.  I want so badly for you to try the previews,  I will send your church a special free demo disc to show at your weekly teachers meeting.  (Actually, it’s the same one our subscribers get.)  Use it for a whole month free.  After about three weeks, you’ll get a “welcome to the family” letter, along with an invoice.  If you like the previews, just pay the invoice, and you’ll get a full year of teaching for just $199.  If for any reason you decide that it’s not right for you, just write cancel on the invoice and return it and the disc.  It’s just that simple.

So drop me an email with your contact info at this address :

Be sure to include your church name and which curriculum you use -- Life or Explore.

Thanks for your time,

Steve Guidry,


Dr. Bill Tolar

  1. Professor Emeritus Southwestern Seminary

  2. College Professor and Bible Teacher for over 50 years

  3. Noted Conference Leader, lecturer, and frequent contributor to The Biblical Instructor

Dr. Brian Harbour

  1. Pastor Emeritus, FBC Richardson, TX

  2. Author of 4 New Testament Commentaries called Living the New Testament Faith

  3. Publisher of Brian's Lines, a monthly sermon resource newsletter for Pastors

What if I have more questions?

Questions are good !  Send them to me at this address :

I answer all emails myself.